In response to the SIEV-X incident, Melbourne artist Kate Durham turned to painting portraits depicting the unknown drowning and drowned of the SIEV-X. She did so hoping it would lead us to imagine how each one of them hopes and dreams. Each one could have been a neighbour, a school friend, a workmate.

People we could have come to know and love. As Kate says “… it’s a way of remembering that this is not fiction – this did happen…” The first showing of the Exhibition was in 2006. It is currently showing at the Newcastle Museum until 23 October. When the Exhibition is taken down it will be brought to Townsville where it will be on display at the Aitkenvale Branch of the Townsville City Libraries.

The Townsville Amnesty Group will use this opportunity to raise awareness of AIA Refugee campaign and Amnesty’s other human rights campaigns focusing on Write for Rights. There will be QR codes on the display material linking to these two campaigns. We will also hold at least two public events in conjunction with the display – one the screening of the film Hope which was inspired by the film and the second a Write for Rights event.


December 12, 2023

9:00 am