We’ll explore:
– Why it is important to grow and strengthen our movement;
– Key best practices when recruiting new activists; and
– How we can retain activists and secure commitment to our human rights work.

Some action groups have reported that they are able to retain members (for decades even), but struggle to recruit new members. Other activist leaders can quickly mobilise a crowd, but have a hard time holding on to members. We have a wealth of knowledge within our movement – so let’s come together and learn from each other!

Time: Wednesday November 24, 8pm AEDT (7.30 SA, 7 QLD, 6.30 NT, 5 WA)
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P.s. This session will help inform our new Recruitment & Retention training module, so drop by to share your insights!

Zoom Link: amnestyau.zoom.us/j/92440764829


Online via Zoom



November 24, 2021

8:00 pm

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