Come on down to your neighborhood bookstore, Where the Wild Things Are, and cozy up with some milk and cookies, all while listening to inspiring stories about people seeking asylum, as told through picture books.

Bring your kids along for tasty treats and some truly inspiring stories about people seeking asylum. Follow three different stories told through a children’s perspective of what it means to be a person seeking asylum.

The first, The Little Refugee tells the story of beloved Australian comedian, Anh Do. Anh Do always looks on the bright side of life, even when he’s met with tough challenges including scary pirates and big storms. The challenges don’t stop once he gets to Australia, where he has weird lunches and a funny accent. Through all these hard times he learns the importance of his loving family. But more importantly, that he came to call Australia home.

The Journey, written and illustrated by Francesca Sanna, paints a beautiful picture inspired by two girls she met in a refugee camp in Italy. Francesca’s fantastical illustrations help to tell the story of a journey many refugees must face, as they travel far by car and train and ferry to get to a better place without war. Though their journey is often fearful, it is not without hope.

Finally, Azzi In Between shows the story of a courageous girl making her way to a new country. She must begin with a brand new language and at a new school. She makes a friend and begins a new journey, but still wonders about her Grandma who was left behind.

The stories celebrate a message of hope, peace and acceptance for people seeking asylum with the youngest members of our community. Likewise, they create a vision for what we can be as a country, and of the world we can create for people seeking asylum, a place of peace that provides safety for people seeking asylum.

After these stories, children can create some posters that welcome people seeking asylum to our communities and our country.

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A photo of a colourful selection of children's books available at Where The Wild Things Are.


Where the Wild Things Are

191 Boundary St, West End, Queensland, Australia


July 29, 2017

3:00 pm

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