Fadak Alfayadh, an Australian lawyer came to Australia from Iran as a refugee. Join us at the Multicultural Hub in Moonah, as she tells her story as part of a national tour – Road to Refugee.

Road to Refuge has worked with Fadak to construct a campaign based unifying
organisations and individuals behind this belief. Partners all play a specific role in
helping Fadak: Amnesty are helping organise tour stops, Rural Australian’s for
Refugees are helping the tour’s regional engagement, Refugee Council of Australia
are designing policy asks, Bank Australia are helping with podcast promotion and
Maurice Blackburn are supporting promotion.

MEET FADAK” is a storytelling campaign that sees Fadak travelling the country in order to tell her story, uncover the stories of others like her and uniting Australians from all walks of life in supporting the call for greater community support of refugees.

Fadak is on a mission. A child when the vicious narrative against refugees began in,
Fadak has only known only a hateful story told about her, her family and the refugee

Now, a young but accomplished advocate, Fadak is seeking to embark
on a new type of campaign to challenge the narratives about her: one built on
empowerment through empathy — putting a human face to the untold stories of
hope, resilience and courage that define not only on Australia’s refugee community,
but the communities of supporters around them. She wants to unite, where our
political narrative has divided. She wants to connect Australians to the humans
behind the headlines about refugees, and bring about real change.

Event Contact

Carol Bristow


03 6223 4653

Email Carol Bristow


Multicultural Hub

Hopkins Street, Moonah TAS, Australia


November 23, 2018

7:00 pm