Privilege is a special, unearned advantage or entitlement, used to one’s own benefit or to the detriment of others; often, the groups that benefit from it are unaware of it.

What have you been privileged of, what privileges do you take advantage of without realising? What has privilege taken away from you?
This month we are excited to feature the conceptual, creative and colourful Thabani Tsuma!!

Thabani Tsuma is Zimbabwean born and raised, living abroad for the greater part of the last decade. His work is influenced by the myriad identity challenges of the diaspora, expatriates and immigrants, while also addressing awareness around addiction, mental health and generational trauma.

He is currently in his final year of studying journalism, a 2019 Hotdesk fellowship recipient with the Wheeler centre, Featured author with Djed Press, Slamalamadingdong’s 2019 Grand Slam champion, a member National poetry slam’s winning team, ranked among the top 50 slam poets worldwide at IWPS 2019 and Winner of the 2019 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize, People’s choice and Conveners’choice awards. Writing is the aperture through which he views the world and experiences self in relation to others.

7pm Start
Open Mic
Snacks, Fruit, Tea and fresh water with diced fruit!
This is a non-alcoholic event!
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Level 2, 52 Hindley Street, Adelaide


November 29, 2020

7:00 pm