This event is a Aus-Hong Kong Connex event!

The largest political prosecution case in Hong Kong, the “Hong Kong 47,” is scheduled to resume on 27 November 2023, with closing statements expected from both sides. While there have been rumors of a potential change in the court date, it is anticipated that the “Hong Kong 47” will soon enter its final phase.

This case has garnered global attention, shedding light on the diminishing human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong. However, we emphasise the need for greater awareness of Hong Kong’s political trials. As a group of Hong Kong diaspora members who can freely express our opinions, we call on everyone to participate in the campaign for the ‘Hong Kong 47′ to raise public awareness.

We sincerely invite everyone to participate in the flash mob silent standing protest in various locations. Our objective is to expose the truth about political persecution in Hong Kong through actions that capture public attention.

We encourage locals to take photos and share them on social media using hashtags such as #SaveHKPoliticalPrisoners, #SaveJimmyLai, #HK47, #NotGuilty.

The Hong Kong 47 case represents a landmark in the tensions between pro-democracy advocates and the enforcement of the national security law in Hong Kong. On January 6, 2021, a sweeping operation led to the arrest of 55 individuals, including activists, former legislators, and academics, over their involvement in pro-democracy primaries. This action, which saw homes raided and assets frozen, marked the most extensive use of the national security law since its introduction on June 30, 2020.

Authorities allege that the primaries were a subversive act, aiming to paralyze the government by winning a majority in the Legislative Council and vetoing government bills. This would theoretically force the Chief Executive to dissolve the Council, potentially leading to their resignation. These events, including the arrest of prominent figures like Benny Tai and Joshua Wong, have significantly weakened the pro-democracy movement within the city.

Despite warnings from Hong Kong officials and Beijing’s Liaison Office that the primaries could breach the national security law, over 600,000 people voted, demonstrating significant public support. The government of Hong Kong, supported by Beijing, interpreted the primary’s objectives as attempts to subvert state power.

On February 28, 47 of the arrestees were formally charged with conspiracy to commit subversion. Most were denied bail under the stringent conditions of the national security law, and some announced their retirement from politics. The trial began on February 6, 2023. It continues to unfold slowly, with the next adjournment set for 27th November.

The handling of the case, including the prolonged pre-trial detention, solitary confinement for some defendants, and the decision to forgo jury trials due to “personal safety of jurors” and “foreign elements,” has raised international concerns about the fairness of the trial and the protection of defendants’ rights under the new legal framework.

Names of the 47 defendants:

Benny Tai
Au Nok-hin
Andrew Chiu
Ben Chung
Gordon Ng
Tiffany Yuen
Fergus Leung
Tat Cheng
Chui Chi-kin
Clarisse Yeung
Michael Pang
Jimmy Sham
Claudia Mo
Kalvin Ho
Frankie Fung
Lawrence Lau
Helena Wong
Lau Chak-fung
Joshua Wong
Jeremy Tam
Li Ka-tat
Tam Tak-chi
Wu Chi-wai
Sze Tak-loy
Eddie Chu
Sam Cheung
Wong Ji-yuet
Ng Kin-wai
Andrew Wan
Kwok Ka-ki
Carol Ng
Tam Hoi-pong
Gwyneth Ho
Ventus Lau
Alvin Yeung
Raymond Chan
Owen Chow
Lam Cheuk-ting
Gary Fan
Hendrick Lui
Leung Kwok-hung
Mike Lam
Ricky Or
Lester Shum
Wong Pak-yu
Lee Yue-shun
Winnie Yu

More Info on Campaign for ‘Hong Kong 47’:

Can participants please wear black.

Please note: this is not an Amnesty International Australia event


Bondi Beach promenade, between the flags

Promenade Restaurant at Bondi Beach, Bondi Pavilion Shop, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach NSW, Australia


November 25, 2023

10:30 am