Join the Amnesty International Feminist Network to hear from brave activists who are fighting for peace in Sudan.

The activists will talk about the grassroots movement of activists in Khartoum’s neighbourhoods, many of which are led by women, who are coming together, risking their lives to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable. There will be space to ask questions about the ongoing situation in Sudan, and we will all take a moment of action together.

Souzan Kareem is an experienced activist and is passionate about ensuring human rights are upheld across the world. Souzan is a leader of the Sudanese Australian community in Canberra, works in the community sector and is a member of the feminist network. Souzan has family in Khartoum, and understands the grassroots movement, she is passionate about ensuring people understand that Sudan is not a country without hope, but one whose civilians are organising and protecting each other.

Ala Amir is a young Sudanese Australian woman, she lives in Canberra and is currently studying dentistry. Ala will be spreading the word of the current war crisis that is happening in Sudan and how we all as Australians can help victims in Sudan find justice and peace.

Abaq Mekki is an ANU student with close and extended family in Sudan. She is passionate about women and children’s rights in health and education and calls on urgent support from the Australian Government.

Atikah Mekki is a fourth year student at the University of Canberra studying Politics and International Relations and Laws. Atikah is a Sudanese Australian who is passionate about advocacy, justice and humanitarian work which seeks to uplift the vulnerable, just like our current fellow citizens in Sudan. Atikah’s extended family are in Sudan and she encourages the Sudanese diaspora youth to be involved in activism.

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Women protestors in Sudan


May 2, 2023

7:30 pm

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