July 2021 marked a year since Melbourne was thrown into some of the harshest lockdowns in the world to fight COVID-19. But what if that lockdown lasted 8 years?

July 19th marked the 8th anniversary of Australia’s cruel policy to detaining refugees who arrive by boat. The refugees are treated as prisoners, but with no answer as to when they will be released. As we enter the ninth year of this inhumane policy we must continue to come together to say enough is enough, it’s #GameOver. Let these people free.

This event will be held outside the Park Hotel where 33 men are currently held. We will hear from them, from those being held at MITA and from a number of other artists, musicians and speakers. Join us in solidarity and bring something to light up, a torch, a candle, something bright and something to shine some hope and show the world we will not stop fighting.

Music – Les Thomas
Reading – Arnold Zable
Poetry – Awale Ahmed

Kasra – refugee imprisoned in the Park Hotel, live by phone
Mostafa Azimitabar (Moz from Manus) – freed Medevac refugee
Taqi Azra – United Workers Union organiser and Hazara refugee
Anna Kingston – Refugee Action Collective/Amnesty Vic Refugee Network
Chair – Chloe De Silva (RAC)

Refugees in APOD


Park Hotel

Lincoln Square, Carlton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


August 13, 2021

5:30 pm