Join Amnesty Internationals Queensland’s women’s rights group at the Davies Park Markets in West End on Sunday 17 November!

The women’s rights group will have a stall to collect signatures for women persecuted because they spoke out for human rights; women imprisoned in Iran for opposing the death penalty, attacked with acid in Ukraine for standing up for LGBTQI rights, and disability advocates facing discrimination in Kyrgyzstan.

What is Write for Rights?

For over 15 years Amnesty activists, all around the world, have taken millions of actions to combat injustice during Write for Rights. Write for Rights is about bringing people together to take action. When tens of thousands of Amnesty activists take action; writing letters, signing petitions, and sending solidarity cards, we know that we can create change.

How can I help?

We’re always looking for people to lend a helping hand, so if you can help out on the day, please let us know!

We’ll be at the markets all morning, so anytime you can come works for us. Send us an email at and we’ll send you all the details you need to volunteer.

If you can’t volunteer on the day, feel free to pop by and take action. Every action makes a difference.

“International support is the most powerful tool that women like me can get. Every single signature for the petition to get me free, made a difference. Now I’m free. I’m no fairy tale, I am a true story.”TEODORA DEL CARMEN, WHO WAS SENTENCED TO 30 YEARS IN PRISON AFTER SUFFERING A STILLBIRTH UNDER EL SALVADOR’S TOTAL BAN ON ABORTION. SHE WAS RELEASED IN 2018.

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Email Tanzih

Markets at Davies Park


Davies Park Markets

The Davies Park Market, West End QLD, Australia


November 17, 2018

9:00 am

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