Write for Rights is our largest global campaign and brings millions of people together from around the world- because when we challenge injustice, we change lives.

Have a look at all of 2020’s Write for Rights cases here https://www.amnesty.org.au/campaigns/write-for-rights/

Then join us for the 10 days of action starting on the 1st of December and finishing on the 10th of December.

Each night will be hosted by an activist or a team of activists, focusing on a different case each night. There will be many different aspects on offer for you all, from letter writing, music performances and panel discussions. You have the option of attending one or more of the nights.

More importantly, it is an incredible opportunity to come together as a movement, remain connected to each other and collectively take action for human rights.

Day 4: Nassima

The goal of the event is to bring awareness to the privileges that certain people have over others in their encounters with the legal justice system. We also will be analysing the flaws and gender-biased nature of the Australian legal system, taking in consideration that law is a male-dominated field. It is important to consider how people’s intersectionality may significantly alter their experiences with and how they are portrayed by the police, lawyers, the media etc. We will be taking an intersectional feminist stance on the topic at hand and relating it to the 2 Writes for Rights cases below.

We will specifically be looking at Nassima’s case, a women’s rights activist in Saudi Arabia Nassima bravely campaigned for an end to the male guardianship system and the driving ban on women. She risked her freedom to demand equality for everyone in Saudi Arabia. In 2018, the authorities arrested Nassima for her human rights work. She was held in solitary confinement for a year and subject to ill-treatment. In 2019 she was placed in solitary confinement and has not allowed to be visited by her family or her lawyer.

Popi and Bongeka

We will also be talking about Popi and Bongeka’s case, two young women who were murdered in South Africa. They were shot, possibly raped, and dumped at the side of a road. Two men were arrested in connection with the murders but were released due to a lack of evidence. According to the families, the police failed to investigate the murders, including failing to check for fingerprints in a taxi containing the women’s bloodstains and belongings. It has been three years since Popi and Bongeka’s deaths, and despite national outcry, nobody has been brought to justice.


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Nassima in a blue headscarf sits in a cafe.


December 4, 2020

7:00 pm

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