G20: Vague vaccine promises are an affront to 5 million dead

The G20’s final statement on increasing global access to Covid-19 vaccines is woefully light on detail, Amnesty International said today. Following the release of the G20 Leader’s Declaration, which promises to “explore ways to accelerate global vaccination” and “advance toward” WHO’s goal of vaccinating 40% of every country’s population by the end of the year, Tamaryn Nelson, Amnesty International’s Advisor on Right to Health, said:

“G20 leaders seem to be saying all the right things – but after 5 million deaths, that’s not good enough. These vague promises are an affront to those who have died, and to everyone still living in fear of Covid-19.

“We need action, and we need it fast. Many G20 members have vast stocks of surplus vaccines which could end up simply going to waste. Amnesty found that 500 million doses could be made available immediately if these were redistributed to lower-income countries, yet redistribution did not even get a mention in this statement.

“With just two months left of this year, only a radical change in approach will close the shameful vaccine gap. If we continue down our current path, the end of the pandemic will remain a glimmer on the horizon.”

Amnesty International’s 100 Day Countdown calls on states and pharmaceutical companies to share vaccines with low and lower-middle income countries – so that millions more people can be protected from Covid-19 in 2021. Act now!