A close up of the Amnesty International flag someone is waving as part of a protest.

Human Rights Act roadmap welcome step in protecting the Australian way of life

Amnesty International Australia today welcomed the Human Rights Commission’s launch of its proposal for a Human Rights Act for Australia.

“The Human Rights Commission has done the heavy lifting in devising a proposed model for a federal Human Rights Act after a lengthy consultation period. We already know most Australians want one, so having a framework is an important step to ensure the Albanese government legislates an Act,” Amnesty International Australia campaigner Nikita White said.

Every Australian should have the same fundamental human rights in law. Everyone’s human rights are important. They should be protected and defendable.

One overarching Human Rights Act is simpler and more effective than multiple pieces of legislation attempting to protect people’s rights.

“It’s important to remember that a Human Rights Act won’t fix all of the issues we have in society, but what it will do is be an effective tool in challenging injustice. A tool we don’t have today, and one people desperately need.”

“A good example of how a Human Rights Act would protect people is the fallout from the Robo-debt Scheme, currently being examined by a Royal Commission.

“Had there been a federal Human Rights Act, it would provide a framework for the scheme to be assessed for its impact on human rights and the terrible suffering people experience may have been avoided. And when their rights were abused, people would be able to take action and seek remedies for that abuse. ”

“Or for people being held in alternative places of detention, a Human Rights Act would have provided a framework for them to challenge their detention.”

“Human Rights Acts have been proven to be successful internationally, and at a state level, it is time to legislate federally.

“By protecting human rights under a Human Rights Act all our lives are better and we can create a better world for ourselves and our fellow human beings.”