ISRAEL/OPT: Amnesty urges Wong to call for a ceasefire after 100 days of violence

In marking 100 days since the escalation of violence in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and as Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong travels to the region, Amnesty International Australia urges the Australian Government to advocate for an immediate, sustained ceasefire by all parties to the conflict.

Over 10,000 people have signed Amnesty International’s petition asking Foreign Minister Wong to call for an immediate ceasefire and unhindered aid during her trip, in just under a week.

“The last 100 days have been marked by a chilling disregard for human rights. Amnesty has repeatedly documented war crimes being committed by all parties to the conflict.

“The scale of death and destruction we witness in Gaza today is unparalleled. For these reasons, Foreign Affairs Minister Wong must reiterate Australia’s support for a ceasefire, and for Israel to allow unhindered and immediate humanitarian aid to enter Gaza during her trip.”

Mohamed Duar, Occupied Palestinian Territories And Israel Spokesperson.

“A ceasefire and unhindered access to humanitarian aid are necessary to address the ongoing suffering of over two million people in Gaza, and to put an end to the horrific deaths of Palestinian civilians.”

“Violations of international law Amnesty has documented include the deliberate killings of civilians and civilian hostage-taking by Hamas on 7 October. In response, Israeli forces have pulverised street after street in Gaza, killing civilians on an unprecedented scale. Amnesty has documented Israeli attacks on homes, hospitals, mosques, churches, and marketplaces. Israel has cut off water, food, fuel, and electricity to Gaza for over 3 months, a war crime that has caused a humanitarian catastrophe. 85% of Gazans are displaced, half the population have been plunged into hunger, leaving women and children particularly vulnerable. Medical facilities and supplies remain limited, leaving thousands to suffer with severe injuries from Israeli attacks, with no pain relief.”

Amnesty International welcomes Minister Wong’s commitment today to addressing settler violence in the occupied West Bank, and reaffirming Australia’s view that settlements are illegal under international law.

After 100 days of horrific violence, Amnesty International calls upon both the Australian Government and the international community to do everything they can to bring an end to the crisis, to address egregious human rights violations, and the humanitarian catastrophe inflicted upon the people of Gaza.