Become an Amnesty Digital Decoder!

We wanted to tell you about our latest Digital Decoders project that you can get involved with.

Last year our Decode Darfur project mobilised over 28,000 digital volunteers from 147 countries who volunteered their time online to help us map remote and vulnerable villages in Darfur covering an area of 326,000 square kilometers. That is an area larger than Norway!

Now, we are ready for the next phase where we aim to find villages which have been attacked, burned down or destroyed. Your contribution will help Amnesty International build evidence demonstrating that civilians have been systematically attacked and show the international community that it has ignored Darfur for too long.

How it works: In this project we ask you to compare two images of the same area of Darfur before and after a possible attack. We’d like you to identify significant changes in the buildings over time.

Spot villages in Darfur which have been
attacked, burned or destroyed

Decoding Darfur screenshot 3
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You can get involved straight away. You don’t have to do it all in one go – in fact if you can do a bit whenever you’ve got a few spare minutes over the next few weeks that will help us massively. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or a mobile phone.

Get started now