Leading human rights groups and campaigners join Global Day of Action and urge Australians to call for a lasting ceasefire

Human rights organisations, aid agencies and activists have issued a solidarity statement in support of today’s Global Day of Action and called on all Australians to use the day to make their support for a lasting and permanent ceasefire in Gaza as loud and visible as possible.

Organisations including Save the Children Australia, Amnesty International Australia, Oxfam Australia and Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA are joining the Global Day of Action to help show the strength and power of the collective global voice calling for a permanent ceasefire and access to humanitarian aid, joining over 800 organisations across 93 countries.

Last week, Australia joined 152 other nations in voting in favour of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and an immediate and unconditional release of all hostages, but the UNGA resolution is non-binding and attacks leading to civilian deaths have continued.

Gaza continues to be the deadliest place for civilians in the world, with more than 18,000 people – including over 7,000 children – killed in the last two months according to the Government Media Office in Gaza. The scale of the humanitarian catastrophe is unprecedented, and only a permanent and lasting ceasefire can stop the further loss of civilian life and ensure sufficient humanitarian aid reaches those in need.  

Aid organisations, human rights groups, unions and peace activists are calling on all Australians to help maintain the pressure on governments globally by sharing to social media their own signs, posters, artworks or photographs calling for a ceasefire with the hashtag #CeasefireNOW.

Violence against civilians is completely unjustifiable and pressure must be maintained on the Australian Government and other world leaders to ensure adherence to international law, the implementation of an immediate and permanent ceasefire, the release of all hostages immediately and unconditionally, and the free flow of adequate, unrestricted humanitarian aid into Gaza.