The answers revealed

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This guide presents simple and practical advice for all of us, as we strive to better support the LGBTQIA+ people in our lives and challenge discrimination facing the LGBTQIA+ community. Together, we can help build a safer, kinder and more equal world where human rights are enjoyed by all, regardless of who we love, how we dress or how we identify.

Question 1: What year was the iconic six-stripe rainbow flag first used?

Answer: B. 1979 was the first time the now well loved rainbow pride flag was used to represent the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community. All over the world, people face inequality, discrimination and violence just because of who they love, how they dress and how they identify themselves. This flag is a beacon of hope to so many people who are still fighting for equality and representation.

Question 2: What community does this blue, pink and white 5 stripe pride flag represent?

Answer: B, the Transgender Pride Flag. Sadly, despite recent wins for equality around the world, in many countries the right to express our gender is still being challenged. In fact, 23 European countries require transgender people to be sterilised before their gender is legally recognised. The gender identity of a trans person is valid regardless of whether they medically transition or not. Amnesty has worked in partnership with LGBTQIA+ organisations to campaign for marriage equality, transgender and intersex rights, and to end harmful conversion practices and sexual orientation change efforts.

Question 3: What does the Non-Binary Flag look like?

Answer: B, the four-stripe yellow, white, purple and black flag is the Non-Binary Pride flag. Through our activism and campaigning, we help ensure all people are treated equally, no matter our sexual orientation or gender identity. In Australia, we have a very active LGBTQIA+ activist network campaigning on many LGBTQIA+ issues. We will be in touch shortly to arrange postage of your very own LGBTQIA+ ally guide.


You are part of a movement defending equality and demanding safety for all.

From all of us at Amnesty, thank you. Your support as an ally is changing lives.

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