MANUS/NAURU: Welcome news for some, but solution must be for all

“Amnesty International welcomes the news that for a select few people on Manus Island and Nauru this week may finally bring hope, and the prospect of safety as they receive news about settlement in the US,” said Graham Thom, Refugee Coordinator at Amnesty International Australia.

“Amnesty International acknowledges the US for giving people a genuine chance at settling and restarting their lives in a safe place but for the sake of those still living in the harmful conditions on Nauru and Manus we are urging the US to take as many people off these islands as possible.”

“The fact also remains that the Australian Government’s ‘solution’ won’t ensure safety for everyone, and we are yet again calling on the Australian Government to ensure that not a single person is left behind on Manus and Nauru.

“Australia has focused its efforts on cruelty rather than allowing people to rebuild their lives in safety. The fairest and quickest way to ensure safety for all remains bringing them to Australia immediately to process their asylum claims and welcome refugees into our community.”