Marriage Equality: Let’s bring home the Yes vote now

“Marriage equality is a human rights issue. Amnesty International Australia wanted a free vote in Parliament to usher in marriage equality in our country. However, now the High Court has ruled the postal survey will proceed, we call on all Australians who believe in fairness, in family, in equality and in love to make certain that they post their ‘Yes’ vote. And we encourage them to ensure that everyone they know does the same. Let’s bring home the Yes vote now,” Amnesty International Australia’s Marriage Equality Campaign Coordinator Naomi Vaughan said.

“LGBTQI Australians have already waited too long for their loving unions to be treated with dignity and respect. Let’s make 2017 the year the Government finally reforms the Marriage Act so Australians can join more than 1 billion other people around the world living in countries that respect and protect marriage equality.”