Global Climate Strike in Berlin

Morrison Government must ramp up efforts to tackle climate change following US election and support Zali Stegall’s call for a conscience vote

Following comments over the weekend from US President-Elect, Joe Biden, that he has been given a clear mandate from the American people to tackle climate change, Amnesty International is asking the Australian Government to step up, align itself with the rest of the world and take clear, decisive action on climate change, one of the greatest human rights challenges the world has ever faced.

It is time for Australia to join not only the US but also its major trading partners, including China, Japan, the UK, the EU, who have all committed to net-zero emissions. While the rest of the world is lifting its game, Australia right now stands with the world’s major polluters by refusing to take meaningful actions.The introduction of a Climate Change Bill by Independent MP for Warringah, Zali Steggall, is a strong step in the right direction and Amnesty fully supports her call for a conscience vote on the issue.

Amnesty International Australia Campaigner, Joel Mackay, said: “On the international front with the election of Joe Biden in the US, Australia’s closest ally is now firmly focused on tackling climate change head on, before it’s too late. Australia must do the same – turning down cooperation on climate change, is akin to deprioritising the incredibly important relationship that we have with the US. To delay will have catastrophic consequences for the human rights of us all,, in particular Indigenous people and our neighbours and friends in the Pacific.

“On the domestic front, the Prime Minister has the opportunity to tackle climate change by working with Zali Steggall and other members of parliament, right now. He can rise above the rhetoric of a ‘technological’ approach to climate change, and get real solutions started, now.”