NAGM 2018: Highlights

Amnesty International Australia’s National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) was held on 27–28 October 2018. The meeting marked an historic event which has created a new system of governance, one that opens up decision making to more activists than ever before.

Kate Waterford was elected as Vice President at this year’s NAGM – a heartfelt congratulations to Kate and an enormous thank you to her predecessor Simon Rumore. Mario Santos and Liz Cohen were elected as ordinary Board members at the meeting.

Watch highlights from this year’s meeting and hear why people love being members of Amnesty.

So what happened at NAGM?

After extensive consultation, deep thinking and lively discussion over the last two years, the Amnesty Australia Board developed a new governance model that required changes to be made to our Constitution.

At NAGM, delegates voted in favour of a Special Resolution to adopt the new Constitution, with more than 80 per cent support.

What happens next?

Now we begin the hard work of turning this vision into a reality, creating a structure and culture we can all be proud of over the next 18 months.

This is not a task solely for the board or staff. All of Amnesty’s branch committees, networks, local groups and members will work together to bring our new model to life. There is room for a lot of creativity in regional areas to adapt our new model in ways that achieve the greatest human rights outcomes and inspire the most people to take action. Now is one of the most exciting times to get more involved with Amnesty!

How can I get more information?

For more information visit our Rethinking Governance site read the new Constitution. If you have any questions or wish to engage further with the Board, please email the Rethinking Governance working group at or contact your voting delegate (your Branch Committee representatives have the best contact details).