New Zealand offers writer Behrouz Boochani permanent protection

Amnesty International Australia welcomes the decision by New Zealand to offer refugee Behrouz Boochani permanent protection, and asks Scott Morrison to finally bring to safety hundreds of other refugees stuck offshore for the past seven years.

Responding to today’s announcement, Amnesty International Australia’s refugee coordinator, Dr Graham Thom, said:

“I first started speaking with Behrouz in early 2015 and I’m thrilled he has been offered permanent protection in New Zealand. But we mustn’t forget there are still hundreds of others stuck offshore who also need to be brought to safety. It’s time the Australian Government did the right thing and ended this cruel policy.

“There are alternatives. New Zealand has offered many times to resettle refugees. We just don’t understand why there needs to be any more delay. Let these people finally start to rebuild their lives in safety.”