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No Arms to Israel - Take a Selfie

As the people of Gaza face relentless bombardment, death, and destruction on an unprecedented scale, Australian organisations including Amnesty International, Oxfam Australia, Save the Children, Plan International Australia, ActionAid, Muslim Aid Australia, APHEDA-UnionAid Abroad, Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network (APAN), the Australian Council for International Development, Australian Council for International Development and Trade Unionists for Palestine are supporting the global call for an end to the transfer of arms to Israel.

At Amnesty’s 2024 AGM, we’re asking Amnesty International members to call on the Australian Government to immediately end the export of weapons and weapons parts where the Israeli Defence Force is the end user of the export.

Although the Australian Government has said that Australia hasn’t exported weapons to Israel for 5 years, the Government has not confirmed whether weapon parts manufactured in Australia have been approved for export.

The Australian section of Lockheed Martin states on its website that “as a programme partner, Australian businesses are supplying components for the entire F-35 fleet, not just Australian aircraft. Every F-35 built contains some Australian parts and components.” The Israeli Air Force have used F-35s in air strikes on the occupied Gaza Strip. At the time of this publication, Lockheed Martin had removed this statement from their website.

Can you upload a selfie of you telling the Australian Government you want to see No Arms sent to Israel?

You can Print one of these posters to hold up when taking your selfie! (Don’t have a printer? Just find a piece of paper and/or some cardboard and write “No Arms To Israel” as big as you can)

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