View of the Women's March on Washington from the roof of the Voice of America building - January 21, 2017

NSW Branch Committee Updates 2018

September 2018

Come along and join a Branch Committee meeting, in person or online.

Your Branch Committee members were elected at the AGM in May this year and they invite you to join them at a meeting!


Your 2018 NSW Branch Committee representatives are (left-right & top-bottom): Rob Roylance, Sumedha Pagadala, Aleesha Nathan, Glyn Mather (Secretary), Verity Appleby, Francine Caratti, Chris Walsh (Treasurer), Katerina Barbour (NSW Regional Rep), Randa Warda (President). Not in photo: Lauren Frost.



Interested to know what happens at NSW Branch Committee (BC) meetings?  Why not consider joining as an observer? You can do this in person or online via Zoom video-conferencing.  If you don’t have Zoom already, you can download Zoom for free from here.

Your BC meets on the third Tuesday of each calendar month in the Chippendale Action Centre to consider various NSW activism and State issues as they arise.  Meetings begin at 6:30pm and finish at 8:30pm.

The BC also reviews the monthly report from the President, the Treasurer and the NSW Community Organiser.

Anyone from the Amnesty movement is welcome to attend, but only BC Members are able to vote if a vote is taken on any matter.

If you would like to join a BC meeting or find out more about them, please email our wonderful Secretary Glyn at .

Rob Roylance
NSW Branch Committee Member

August 2018

First, a big thank you to all who have taken the time to fill in the NSW Diversity Survey.  We need more responses, so if you have not yet completed this survey, please read on to learn more.

The purpose of the survey is to help us understand more about our supporters in NSW and who they are.  The data we collect will be used to improve our communications, and to ensure we have different opinions and perspectives represented in all that we say and do.

It will also help us to answer questions and provide information about the make up of the Amnesty movement and those who work to support human rights in our state.

The survey is anonymous and all the questions are optional to either answer or not.  The information requested includes the following:

  • gender, age, place of birth, languages spoken, education level, employment status, income level, marital status, religion, political affiliation
The Diversity Survey has been sent out to all our NSW supporters and so far we have received 574 responses.  

We need more responses to have a statistically meaningful sample that we can rely upon. 

After the survey has been completed we will be sure to share the results with you.

Please click here to complete the survey. Survey closes 5pm, Friday 10 August.

Thank you for your help!

Rob Roylance
NSW Branch Committee Member

For any further information about the Branch Committee please email to:

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