Picture shows the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Open Letter from Amnesty International Secretary General to ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan

Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes Callamard has written to ICC Prosecutor on the commencement of his term in office.

Amnesty International Australia has written to Australian Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, to urge the Australian government to cooperate and support the ICC wherever possible as Prosecutor Khan serves out his term.

Amnesty International highlights emerging human rights concerns to consider while stressing the importance of ongoing investigations:

  • Climate crisis: an issue set to exacerbate future conflicts, which must be actively addressed and anticipated.
  • The Philippines, Palestine, and Afghanistan: these areas are all subjects of ongoing investigations that must be continued, as the ICC works towards implementing the necessary accountability mechanisms absent domestically.

Amnesty International also draws attention to several contemporary issues currently neglected by the ICC:

  • Nigeria: no investigation is currently underway concerning the crimes in the country’s north-east, which are being committed with impunity.
  • Ukraine: the situation has been held “in limbo” between a preliminary examination and investigation.
  • Venezuela: a preliminary examination is continuing for an indefinite period, casting into doubt an intent to act in response to several crimes against humanity.
  • Iraq: we encourage reconsidering the decision to not open an investigation in the UK/Iraq.