Report: There's always a brighter future

Kids have healthy, happy childhoods when they live in loving and nurturing communities. It’s kids’ connections with family and community that allows them to flourish, and sets them up for a good life.

But government policies are separating Indigenous kids from their communities. By locking up kids as young as 10, we are repeating our past mistakes and threatening our future as a fair, just and harmonious community.

Western Australia consistently detains Aboriginal young people at a vastly higher rate than any other state or territory; and the rate of over-representation is rising. Currently Western Australia is inadequately investing in and referring young Aboriginal people to programs that address the underlying causes of offending behaviour before it becomes an entrenched criminal justice issue.

In 2015, we launched a report in Western Australia, There’s always a brighter future: keeping Indigenous kids in the community an out of detention in Western Australia.

The report finds many ways that the Western Australian Government can reduce the number of young Aboriginal people incarcerated, including through ensuring Western Australia complies with international legal obligations, and through increased state funding to the many successful Aboriginal-led initiatives that keep young people in communities and out of detention.

Read the summary of the report, or the full report to find out more.

This report is part of our campaign to end the over-representation of Indigenous kids in our justice system. Find out how you can get involved today!