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Response to latest comments regarding #BLM from Acting Prime Minister, Michael McCormack

In response to Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack’s defence of his comparison of the Capitol Riots and the Black Lives Matter, in which he stated ‘All Lives Matter’, Amnesty International Indigenous Rights Lead, Nolan Hunter, said:

“The Acting Prime Minister is continuing to show his ignorance about what Black Lives Matters mean, and how it affects our mob right here in Australia.

“Ignorance of the issues that affect Indigenous people in Australia is why we are behind the rest of the world and lock up little children as young as ten, why Indigenous children are 27 times more likely to end up in prison than their non-Indigenous peers, why 441 Indigenous people have died in custody since 1991, why our cultural sites get destroyed, and why there is no voice to parliament.

“Instead of backing up President Trump, the Acting Prime Minister should be backing up Indigenous people in his own country and take the lead in addressing these issues.”