Rohingya crisis: Australia must not be complicit in ethnic cleansing

  • The AFP news agency has reported that the European Union is considering cutting ties to the Myanmar military in protest at the Rohingya crisis. This follows a similar move last month by the United Kingdom.
  • Amnesty International is calling on Australia to follow their leadership on human rights and cut ties with the Myanmar military.

“While a campaign of ethnic cleansing is being committed against the Rohingya people, the Australian Government must suspend all forms of support to Myanmar’s military,” Amnesty International Australia’s Crisis Campaigner Diana Sayed said.

“Australia must not be seen to be complicit in an ongoing and systematic policy of ethnic cleansing that is forcing thousands of Rohingya people to flee for their lives every day. Australia must halt all training and support to the Myanmar military right now.

“With more than half a million Rohingya people having fled their homes, villages razed to the ground and one of the worst humanitarian crises we have seen in decades unfolding right on our doorstep – what is Australia waiting for?

“What will it take for our Government to draw a line in the sand with the Myanmar military so as not be complicit in crimes against humanity in our region? Any further delay will be a stain on our human rights record. We must show leadership and be on the right side of history.

“The UK and the EU are sending clear messages to the Myanmar military chiefs. Australia must be next.”