Amnesty International Candle on ledge

Sharrouf children’s return welcome news

In response to news that the Sharrouf children will be returning to Australia Dr Graham Thom, Amnesty International Australia Refugee Coordinator said:

“These children being returned home to their family is a great achievement for the Australian Government and a welcome relief for the people aiding them on the ground.

“Yet around sixty Australian daughters, mothers, sisters, brothers and cousins remain trapped in this desperate part of Syria. The Australian Government must do all in its powers to return all Australian women and children who remain trapped in these camps.

“Conditions in the camps are dire. Children are going without food and water and their safety is constantly threatened by violence, disease and malnutrition. These children did not choose the hardships they are currently enduring.

“Amnesty International urges the Australian Government to urgently intervene and save these mothers and children as soon as possible so that they can all return to Australia, where they belong.”