The image of a dark, empty cell inside the political ward at the high security Evin Prison in Tehran, Iran, 10th February 1986.

Two years on and Shokrollah Jebeli no closer to release as health fails - January 2022

Amnesty International Australia remains gravely concerned for the welfare of Australian citizen Shokrollah (Issa) Jebeli Javan who has been detained in Evin Prison since January 31 2020.

Mr Jebeli’s family are extremely concerned for his welfare and adequacy of his legal representation.

“We have written to the Australian and Iranian authorities urging that Mr Jebeli is released immediately on account of his poor health and the conditions in which he is being held,” Amnesty International Australia campaigner Nikita White said.

A spokesperson for Mr Jebeli’s family said: “Shokrollah, our father and grandfather, has been in Evin prison, two years to the day”.

“He has survived 730 days in miserable conditions, an innocent man. Our father will turn 84 this year. Every day spent in that prison is like a year for Shokrollah. His old age and dire medical condition make it absolutely imperative that he be given his freedom immediately so he can get the proper medical care he needs and be reunited with his family back in Australia.

“This is our cry for help on behalf of Shokrollah, to the people of Australia, to the Australian government and to all who value human rights, justice and stand for human decency. Please stand with us and help us get his freedom back from this unjust imprisonment.

“Our father is losing the will to live, he cannot last much longer in prison and we cannot let another day, let alone another year go by. We cannot do this alone, we need your help. Please help this family save our dad and our grandad.”


Mr Jebeli will turn 84 in June and has multiple health issues and has suffered a stroke in prison, according to his family. Mr Jebeli denies the allegations against him and has made his own counter claims.