Welcome to level 3 of our activist development series. In these modules you will start learning more advanced activist skills. While these are available for everyone, we recommend that they are for activists that want to deepen their involvement. If you are someone involved with planning and coordinating activism activities, or wants to be, then these are for you. These are skills you will need to learn in order to increase your impact for human rights justice.
We have designed these modules to learn at your own pace and in the order of your choosing. Each module contains learning activities that you can do at any time. These are to help you with retaining knowledge and to put these skills into practice. You can also download workshops with speakers notes if you want to run your own training sessions. These have also been designed so you can take elements of different workshops and paste them together to tailor a session for a particular audience.
There will be updates to this page with new modules and resources over time. So make sure to keep checking for updates. If you haven’t checked out our level 2 modules on fundamental activist skills, then maybe start there first. If you have questions please get in touch with us at communityorganising@amnesty.org.au.


In this module you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what sorts of activities you can do as an activist. How you can use these to inspire support and build power in the community and online. Most important we’ll go into how you can know which tactic is right for what you are trying to achieve.


In this module we’ll be looking at what to do after the initial planning stage. How to flesh out those plans and also the many steps for coordinating a successful event. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to achieving more human rights impact.


In this module we’re going to look at how to build and maintain relationships in your community. Also how you can make sure that your partnerships are strategic collaborations. How you can work with people outside our movement to amplify the impact of our campaigns.


In this module we’ll be looking at the many ways you can interact with elected officials at all levels. How to build sustainable relationships with them. Also, how you can create a strategy to influence them over time to better support human rights.

How to engage with the media

In this module you’ll gain an understanding of how our movement works with the media in a strategic way. To look for the right opportunities and channels to get our message to the community. How you can build relationships with local media to promote your activism. Also some of the core skills you’ll need, like writing effective media releases.

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Get ready to take on a leadership role at Amnesty by completing the level 4 training modules.