Welcome to level 4 of our activist development series. The modules in this level focus on lead activist skills. While they are available to everyone, we recommend them for activists that hold a leadership role within our Movement. If you haven’t checked out our level 2 and 3 modules on fundamental and advanced activist skills, then maybe start there first.
We have designed these modules to learn at your own pace and in the order of your choosing. Each module contains learning activities that you can do at any time. These activities help you retain the skills and knowledge by putting them into practice. New modules and resources will be added to this page over time so make sure to regularly check for updates. If you have questions please get in touch with us at communityorganising@amnesty.org.au.


How can we bring new people into our Movement and give them a place to thrive? This module contains tools and tips for attracting new action group members and securing a long-term commitment to Amnesty's human rights work.

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