Each of Amnesty International Australia’s seven
regions are led by an Activism Leadership Committee.

Comprised of elected AIA members, Activism Leadership Committees help motivate, coordinate
and develop local human rights activism in the region.

Activism Leadership Committee Presidents for each Region* can be contacted at the following email addresses:

  • Australian Capital Territory/Southern New South Wales: actsnswpresident@amnesty.org.au
  • New South Wales: nswpresident@amnesty.org.au
  • Northern New South Wales/Queensland: qldnnswpresident@amnesty.org.au
  • South Australia/Northern Territory: santpresident@amnesty.org.au
  • Tasmania: taspresident@amnesty.org.au
  • Victoria: vicpresident@amnesty.org.au
  • Western Australia: wapresident@amnesty.org.au

*If unsure about which Amnesty Region you are a member of, please refer to clause 11.8 (b) of the Constitution which lists the postcode ranges for each Region.


Activism Leadership Committee

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