Student activists have always been at the front lines. Whether you are learning or teaching, here are some resources to help you take your activism to the next level.

part 1


At uni or TAFE? Our campus bulletin details ideas and resources to help you take action for human rights on campus. Designed specifically for students, you’ll find campaign updates, innovative action and fundraising ideas and more.

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part 2


Our free school action pack is published four times a year and read by thousands of
youth activists and school teachers all across Australia.

In each edition, you’ll read about the latest human rights news, activism opportunities, and inspiring
stories of how our youth activists are making a difference in the world.

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Community is Everything Workshop

part 3


Human rights education in schools is critical to building empowered
societies who know and can realise their rights.

Each year we produce a lesson plan for teachers to use as part of the Write for rights campaign. It’s a simple resource that has been produced by practicing teachers. Lesson plans along with supporting materials can be printed out for your classroom.

The lesson plan has been created with the NAPLAN persuasive text type in mind. It would be most appropriate for a literacy lesson or as part of a SOSE/HSIE lesson about human rights, non-governmental organisations or global citizenship. It is designed to be implemented in two 45– 50 minute class sessions or one 75–minute session, but there are many ways it can be expanded and made into a more in-depth lesson, depending on the needs and time available in your classroom.

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