Submission: 2023-24 Pre-Budget Submission

Amnesty International Australia has made a submission to the Department of Treasury regarding priorities for the upcoming 2023‑24 Budget to be handed down in May.

The primary focus of the submission was the protection of refugees and people seeking asylum, primarily through an increase to the Refugee and Humanitarian Program; as well as Indigenous justice, particularly the overrepresentation of Indigenous children in the youth justice system.

Through enacting the recommendations made by Amnesty, the Australian Government can work towards rebuilding Australia’s reputation as a leading resettlement country while also positively impacting the lives of First Nations People.

We want a world where human rights are no longer under fire. Governments and people in power everywhere must respect everyone’s basic freedoms, and allow their citizens to live safely, without fear.
When human rights are attacked, Amnesty will call on the human rights abusers to be tried and brought to justice.

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