Submission: Inquiry into exemptions to discrimination law against LGBTQI students and teachers

Amnesty International has submitted to the Senate inquiry into legislative exemptions that allow faith-based educational institutions to discriminate against students, teachers, and staff.

Amnesty International reiterates its recommendations to the Religious Freedom Review Expert Panel and now calls on the government to amend the Sex Discrimination Act to ensure that students, teachers and other staff cannot be discriminated against by religious schools.

How you can take action

The government must legislate a Human Rights Act so that people have the power to take action when their human rights are violated, and so that everyone’s rights are respected and protected.

As a global movement of 10 million people, and 500,000 people in Australia, Amnesty International has the people power to build public support for a Human Rights Act. Learn more about what are human rights and our Human Rights Act campaign work.

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Support a Human Rights Act so all Australians are treated equally and justly