Submission: Free & Equal – An Australian Conversation on Human Rights

Amnesty International welcomes the opportunity to provide this submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s project on ‘Free and Equal: an Australian conversation on human rights’.

We believe that overarching human rights protection – such as a human rights act or charter – is the best way to protect, promote and defend the human rights of all in Australia. This submission recommends a Federal Human Rights Act and improved parliamentary scrutiny of human rights.

How you can take action

The government must legislate a Human Rights Act so that people have the power to take action when their human rights are violated, and so that everyone’s rights are respected and protected. Sign the petition calling on the Australian government to legislate a Human Rights Act

As a global movement of 10 million people, and 500,000 people in Australia, Amnesty International has the people power to build public support for a Human Rights Act. Learn more about what are human rights and our Human Rights Act campaign work.