Submission on the proposed lifetime visa ban

Amnesty has provided a submission to the Senate inquiry into the Government’s proposed lifetime visa ban (Migration Legislation Amendment (Regional Processing Cohort) Bill 2016) which, if passed, would prevent anyone who attempted to arrive in Australia by boat since 19 July, 2013, from ever setting foot in Australia.

The bill would see refugees who have successfully become citizens of other countries, like New Zealand or Canada, permanently prevented from even temporarily visiting Australia to study, to work as doctors, to conduct business or as tourists.

It is Amnesty’s position that this proposed law is unnecessary, cruel and contrary to international human rights law.

This is yet another layer of cruelty in Australia’s already deliberately abusive policy, and only causes further suffering to people who simply are looking for a safe place to rebuild their lives.

Amnesty recommends that the bill not be passed.

You can read the full submission and Amnesty’s recommendations here.

Ask your MP to stop the bill