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Tasmanian Government must remove children from MC1D pending independent

Amnesty International Australia is calling for all children remaining in the Many Colours 1 Direction (MC1D) program be brought back to Tasmania immediately.

The ABC revealed this week there are serious questions about the qualifications of the operator of the program and his conduct as well as the safety of the children sent there.

“This isn’t the first time questions have been raised about this program and we’ve seen other States and Territories stop sending kids there, so it’s difficult to understand why the Tasmanian government thinks it’s an appropriate place to send some of our most vulnerable kids,” Amnesty International Australia Indigenous Rights Advisor, Rodney Dillon, said.

“Yesterday’s announcement of a review into the program is pointless. It’s already established there are serious problems and allegations of physical and psychological abuse.

“Our kids need to be in community and on country, not thousands of kilometers away, out of reach of any real monitoring and their support networks.

“We welcome the Tasmanian Government’s statement committing to funding Indigenous-led diversion programs where kids are cared for and nurtured, not left on a milk crate for hours on end in the baking sun.

“But it has to go further; they must bring the kids still there back to their home state and give them the support they need there.

“We’re also calling on the Northern Territory government to instigate an independent review into the operations of Allan Brahminy in light of these new allegations as he operates in that jurisdiction.”