The Merger film

The Merger film has been making its way across the country spreading positive messages of welcome. Amnesty is proud to be in partnership with this film that highlights the positive welcome communities can offer refugees and take a strong message of inclusivity to cinemas around Australia.

The Merger is a tale of a struggling, small town footy team that recruits refugees to survive. Director Mark Grentell and producer Anne Robinson have joined with comedian/actor/writer Damian Callinan to adapt to the screen his award-winning, stage show of the same name.

The MergerThe Merger premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival on 11 August and then took off around the country. Activists have not missed this fantastic opportunity to join in this spirit of welcome and talk to film goers about why we need an expanded and improved community sponsorship program.

Kathleen Herbert Amnesty refugee activist organiser said “The Merger was heart warming and hilarious! It’s the perfect message of hope and achievable community action that those fighting for refugee rights need. It also has the ability to change the minds of those who are on the fence when it comes to refugee rights. It communicated complex issues in a simple and funny way, I’ve been recommending it to anyone who’ll listen!”

Communities want to be able to open their arms and their hearts to refugees and this movie exemplifies that. If you want to check this amazing heartfelt movie out find out when and where it’s screening in your state the full list of dates.