AI (artificial intelligence) security cameras using facial recognition technology are displayed at the 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing

The Pegasus Project: Massive data leak reveals Israeli NSO Group’s spyware used to target activists, journalists, and political leaders globally.

The Pegasus Project is a ground-breaking collaboration by more than 80 journalists from 17 media organisations in 10 countries coordinated by Forbidden Stories, a Paris-based media non-profit, with the technical support of Amnesty International, who conducted cutting- edge forensic tests on mobile phones to identify traces of the NSO Group’s spyware.

NSO Group Technologies is an Israeli technology firm whose spyware ‘Pegasus’ enables the remote surveillance of smartphones. Yet Amnesty’s most recent research highlights that the NSO Group’s spyware has been used to facilitate human rights violations around the world on a massive scale. These include heads of state, activists and journalists.

Amnesty has written to Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews, reiterating that the surveillance industry must no longer be afforded a laissez-faire approach from governments with a vested interest in using this technology to commit human rights violations.