The Power of Protest Series

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Protest is an invaluable way to speak truth to power. Throughout history, protests have been the driving force behind some of the most powerful social movements, exposing injustice and abuse, demanding accountability and inspiring people to keep hoping for a better future.

Unfortunately, these precious rights are under attack and must be protected from those who are afraid of change and want to keep us divided. Governments and others with power are constantly finding new ways to suppress protests and silence critical voices. Global trends towards the militarisation of police, the increase in the misuse of force by police at protests and shrinking civic space mean that it is becoming more difficult to stay safe while making your voice heard.

The ability to protest safely is an issue that intersects with the right to be free from discrimination. People who face inequality and discrimination, based on their age, race, gender identity and many other factors, face even more dangers to their right to protest. It is crucial that everyone can protest safely and without discrimination.

Amnesty International has launched a global flagship campaign, Protect the Protest, working to expose when the right to protest is being violated and support movements worldwide as they strive for positive change. The campaign calls on governments to send a clear message that protesters should be protected and to remove unnecessary barriers and restrictions to peaceful protest.

Introducing The Power of Protest Series!

Amnesty International Australia is excited to be launching The Power of Protest series to share stories of three incredible activists who have used protest as a tool to fight for human rights.

The Power of Protest with Apryl Day

Justice for Aunty Tanya Day

The Power of Protest with Peter De Waal

The 78ers and the first Mardi Gras

The Power of Protest with Varsha Yajman

School Strike for Climate

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