In Afghanistan, direct relief was provided for activists, lawyers, journalists and others who feared for their lives when the Taliban took over. Caring supporters like you have taken action to pressure our leaders and helped fund nationwide advocacy campaigns – and it’s working! The government announced 18,000 people from Afghanistan will be given a safe home in Australia.

In Ukraine, our movement of courageous and caring people are condemning Russia’s campaign of aggression and calling for the world to welcome Ukrainian refugees. In Australia, the government has listened to our calls and will welcome 3000 Ukrainians fleeing the conflict. They are not receiving humanitarian visas though, which is why we’re demanding reform to the program so more refugees can have a home here.

Last year, we released a landmark report detailing China’s crimes against humanity in Xinjiang. We also launched a campaign that told the stories of 70 people who’ve been locked up in Xinjiang – simply because of who they are. At least two people have been released and reunited with their loved ones since our report came out.

None of this would be possible without you. It is your support that empowers Amnesty International’s mission to shine a light on human rights abuses.

Your support helps to:

  • Free political prisoners,
  • Defend people who put their lives on the line for justice and equality,
  • Change discriminatory laws,
  • Help abolish the death penalty in more countries,
  • Bring criminals to justice.


Amnesty in Numbers
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With your help, we can be first on the ground

We dig up the truth
We send experts on missions into countries where human rights abuses are occurring to investigate and produce accurate, reliable research.
We lobby governments
We lobby governments and other powerful groups, making sure they keep their promises and respect international law.
We expose what’s happening
Through our communications, reports and work with the world’s media, we expose human rights abuses and call the guilty to justice.
We mobilise our supporters
Through petitions, letters and protests, supporters worldwide demand action from the people and institutions who can make change happen.

Our Wins

Our movement changes lives. We celebrate the small wins, and the big moments because we know that every step our world takes away from injustice, is a step closer to a world in which human rights are enjoyed equally and by all.
We know we can make a difference – join us today and be part of the movement.

Our movement
Our movement
We’re an independent, global movement of people who campaign courageously for human rights.
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How we’re run
How we're run
Amnesty International is a worldwide organisation based on voluntary membership and is governed by a member-elected National Board.
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Our people
Our people
Amnesty International is a democratic movement, answerable to our own impassioned members.
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Our history
Our history
The story of Amnesty International began back In 1961 when two Portuguese students were jailed just for raising a toast to freedom.
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