Together we’re progressing human rights

For more than 60 years since we started, we’ve campaigned for justice, freedom, equality and dignity wherever it has been denied. Together we’ve made immense progress in the advancement of human rights, but right now, there are communities around the world enduring attacks on their fundamental human rights. So, we all must continue to advocate for a future where human rights are enjoyed by everyone, everywhere – the cornerstone of Amnesty, our ten-million strong power base.

Gaza crisis

People carry a dead body pulled from rubble as civil defense teams and residents continue search and rescue efforts in the historical Greek Orthodox Saint Porphyrius Church, where civilians took shelter, after Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, Gaza on October 20, 2023.

In recent months, we’ve pressured the Australian government to ensure Australia is supporting a ceasefire and taking a stand for the human rights of Palestinians on an international stage.

On Friday, our voices were finally heard as we welcomed the government’s decision to reinstate funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) that’s been a lifeline for Palestinians since it was founded in 1950. Nearly 6,000 of you emailed Foreign Minister Penny Wong to demand that Australia reverse its decision to suspend funding and ensure UNRWA can continue its lifesaving support for over two million people in Gaza. Whilst there is still far more work to be done – the Australian Government has heeded our collective calls because you mobilised in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza:

  • Australia initially abstained from backing a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, but after more than 18,500 Amnesty supporters emailed Foreign Minister Penny Wong, Australia joined 152 nations at the General Assembly in supporting a resolution calling for a ceasefire, a monumental shift in position.
  • Week after week in Australia and across the globe, thousands gathered in solidarity, led by Palestinians and the Jewish community, to support a ceasefire, at the largest peace rallies in decades.
  • Ahead of her Middle East visit, you and 30,000 Amnesty supporters urged Foreign Minister Wong to call for a ceasefire and for Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. Just days into the visit, Minister Wong reiterated to the Israeli Foreign Minister and President that Australia expects Israel to adhere to international law and to take steps towards a sustainable ceasefire.
  • For the last five months we’ve met with dozens of federal Members of Parliament, calling for the Australian government to prioritise a ceasefire and respect of human rights.
  • More than a million people in the Amnesty movement signed the petition calling for a sustained ceasefire.
  • We continue to work alongside the Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network, Palestine Australia Relief and Action, Palestinian Christians in Australia and other members of the community on this crisis as well as holding Iftars with the Muslim community.

Your actions have demonstrated that people power works. With you by our side we’ll continue to challenge injustice, campaign for a ceasefire, and an end to the collective punishment and intolerable suffering of 2.3 million Gazans.

Action for Dr Yang Hengjun

Tens of thousands of us have spoken out for Australian writer Dr Yang Hengjun and sent a loud and clear message to the Chinese authorities that the world is watching. After five years in detention on unsubstantiated allegations that he’s a spy, he was sentenced to death by a Chinese court this February.

International pressure from compassionate people like you helps to free people who’ve been unjustly imprisoned around the world, including in China. Together, we can make a huge difference in Dr Yang’s life. Our campaign could help improve the conditions he’s being held in, get him the urgent medical care he desperately needs, ensure his death sentence is quashed, and even assist in securing his release.

“Freedom is Beautiful”

Mostafa Azimitabar (Moz)
This is the story of Moz and Farhad fleeing Iran, only to be detained by the Australian Government for 8 years; their fight for freedom and the power of shared humanity. We’re proud to be a partner of “Freedom is Beautiful”, now on Stan.

Now, we’re standing with Moz as he appeals to the Federal Court to defend his rights that were taken away by Australia’s offshore detention regime. His case is important to the thousands of people seeking asylum who are continuing to suffer the impacts of Australia’s offshore detention regime. In July last year, the Court ruled against Moz, but after consecutive Australian governments robbed him of 8 years of his life, he’s committed to seeing this fight through by appealing to the full bench of the Federal Court. A judgement is now being reserved for approximately three months.

“Now, the melody of my life is to help people who don’t have a voice.”

– Moz Azimitabar

Lobbying for justice funding that works

Ahead of the Federal Budget, Amnesty’s Indigenous Rights team headed to Canberra to advocate for increased funding for Indigenous justice reinvestment. Meeting with key Ministers from all sides of politics, including Attorney General Mark Dreyfus and Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney, they addressed the significant gaps that continue to exist in youth justice and Indigenous rights justice.. Your ongoing support is crucial as we push for these vital reforms – ahead of the trip, nearly 12,000 of you signed Amnesty’s petition that calls on the government to stop playing politics with the lives of our children, and start investing in justice that works. After all, we know that better outcomes are achieved when First Nations people have a say in the policies and programs that affect them.

A wrap on Write for Rights

The world’s biggest human rights event. Over 20 years, we’ve changed the lives of close to 100 people, because real change happens when ordinary people come together to take action. And this year was no different – 160,000 petitions, emails, letters and solidarity messages demanding justice for brave individuals from across the globe as well as kind words shared directly with them and/or their families.

We’re standing with Julian Assange

Many Amnesty supporters organised Day X events on 20 & 21 February – a pivotal moment in Julian Assange’s legal battle against extradition to the United States. We’ll continue campaigning for the charges to be dropped and the extradition to be halted so Julian can again have his freedom. Amnesty will bring you critical updates across our channels.

None of this would have been possible without our supporters. We’re a truly people powered movement of 10 million people across 150 countries and territories who come together to challenge injustice. Together, we’re ordinary people creating extraordinary change. Thank you for powering our movement and thank you for your unwavering support.