United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolution an historic step toward peace and justice

The UN Security Council (UNSC) has passed a long-overdue US resolution for an immediate, full and complete ceasefire without delay and without condition. This resolution aims to protect civilians, release civilian hostages, and demand an end to eight months of bloodshed, unlawful attacks, and mass humanitarian suffering in Gaza.

In response to the historic UNSC resolution, Mohamed Duar, Amnesty International Australia spokesperson says:

“Amnesty International Australia welcomes the UNSC resolution to protect civilians, release civilian hostages and demand an end to eight months of bloodshed, unlawful attacks and mass humanitarian suffering in Gaza.”

“The UNSC vote to endorse a ceasefire deal in Gaza is one of the most fundamental, positive developments for Palestinians in decades.The significance of this moment in history must not be underestimated.“

“Crucially, the UNSC resolution involves withdrawal of Israeli forces, which is a step toward an end to Israel’s suffocating 17 year siege of Gaza, and rejected any attempt at demographic or territorial change in the Gaza Strip.”

“It’s now time for the resolution to be implemented to protect civilians, to see the safe return of Israeli hostages and thousands of Palestinian prisoners, and to end the risk of genocide faced by Palestinians.“

“After eight months of death and continual destruction, the vote at the UNSC is profoundly significant and would not have happened without millions of people across the world calling for a ceasefire and pushing their governments to apply the international pressure for a ceasefire we saw culminating in the UNSC vote last night.”

“The Australian Government must use its position as a diplomatic and trade partner with Israel to continue to call for Israel to agree to the ceasefire deal and swiftly implement the conditions of the resolution.”

“While we celebrate the passage of this resolution, Amnesty International will continue to pressure the Australian government to do everything they can to see this ceasefire deal agreed to and immediately implemented, to uphold a domestic ban on all arms and weapons parts to Israel and to urgently resolve the visa issues affecting Palestinians who have travelled to Australia seeking protection.”

“Amnesty International also insists that accountability for the many crimes committed by all parties must remain on the international agenda and calls on the Australian government to formally endorse any arrest warrants that are sought by the International Criminal Court. Perpetrators must be brought to justice, regardless of who they are. No one is above the law.”