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Urgent actions

Write a letter and change a life. Join Amnesty International’s Urgent Action network today to write letters to challenge injustice and change lives.

What is an Urgent Action?

An Urgent Action (UA) is a simple idea: when someone faces a violation of their human rights, the authorities responsible are flooded with thousands of letters from across the world.

These letters tell the authorities that the world is watching and create pressure to stop the violation.

These letters have helped halt executions, end the harassment of human rights defenders, and free prisoners of conscience.

“In 2018, I was released. Not because the government changed its mind, but because the people demanded the release of detained activists, journalists and bloggers.”

Join your local network!

You can join a local network today to receive UAs and write letters!

Email your name and postcode to and we’ll set you up with your local network, who will send you UAs and keep you updated on cases.

Frequently asked questions

  • Visit this link to access the UA Website!
  • If you have any questions about Urgent Actions, including how to write a letter and what to do if you get a response to your letter, you can find the answers in this handy guide.
  • If you can, please fill in this form with the letters you have written. This helps us know how much pressure we’re putting on a target.
  • Hosting a letter writing event to take urgent action? Don’t forget to log your event.
  • Prefer to take action online? Visit Act Now for current cases!

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