Why become an Amnesty Member?

Why become an Amnesty Member?

Amnesty International is a Member-led movement. Our Members are leading voices in our work to promote and protect Human Rights. They have a say in the running of the organisation and also contribute to deciding which campaigns should be supported and how our activism is practiced. This allows our Members to influence the direction of our Human Rights work and to play a bigger part in our movement.

Amnesty is run in a democratic manner with Members voting for their regional representatives. Members also vote to select regional delegates to the national general meetings. They can attend these meetings to discuss the issues that they feel are important, and can submit items to be heard on the agenda.

Members can stand for positions on regional and national governance bodies and committees. Non-members and Amnesty staff are not eligible to stand.

Members also receive regular updates from the Amnesty leadership (e.g. the National Board).

What is an Amnesty Member?

A Member is a person who is over the age of 18, is resident in Australia, and has paid the annual Membership fee. This fee is not a donation and is not tax deductible. Some Amnesty supporters have donated regularly for years but are not Members unless they have also paid the annual Membership fee. The Membership fee is being reduced to a flat rate of $22 per person from September, replacing the previous Standard, Family and Concession fees.

The Branch Committee encourages all our supporters, activists and volunteers to become Members so you can participate in the running of Amnesty and have your voice heard on the Human Rights issues that are important to you.

Please go here to either become a Member or to renew your Membership.

Rob Roylance
NSW Branch Committee Member

For further information about the Branch Committee or Membership please email to: nswbranchsecretary@amnesty.org.au