Through the Human Rights Innovation Fund we will provide at least one grant each year to Indigenous organisations working to end youth incarceration.

Amnesty’s Indigenous Youth Justice campaign, Community is Everything, aims to end the over-representation of Indigenous young people in detention within a generation.

Our latest report on Indigenous youth justice

In June 2015, Amnesty International Australia launched the report A Brighter Tomorrow: Keeping Indigenous kids in the community and out of detention in Australia. Indigenous youth detention in Australia is a national crisis – Indigenous young people are 26 more times more likely to be in detention than non-Indigenous young people. Western Australia detains Indigenous children at 53 times the rate of their non-Indigenous peers.

Amnesty will be working over the coming years to ensure a brighter tomorrow for Indigenous kids. The report makes comprehensive, practical recommendations to government on how to reduce the rate of Indigenous youth incarceration and make communities safer. It also examines the innovative Indigenous-led prevention and diversion programs that are achieving impressive results.

The Human Rights Innovation Fund

Between 2015 and 2019, in recognition of the importance of this campaign, Amnesty International Australia will provide at least one grant each year, through the Human Rights Innovation Fund, to Indigenous organisations working to:

  • end youth incarceration; and/or
  • support Indigenous individuals/families/communities experiencing youth detention.

Your proposal could involve remote or urban communities, it could complement or be an element of an early intervention, prevention or diversionary program, or it could be an event or activity that supports the campaign. Amnesty encourages Indigenous 'stakeholders' to develop creative interesting, positive initiatives that will help keep kids out of detention and in the community where they belong.

Who can apply?

The Human Rights Innovation Fund for Indigenous Youth Justice initiatives is open to Indigenous-led and directed organisations only.

Funding criteria

  1. Projects must have a demonstrable human rights impact in that it supports the aim of Amnesty’s Indigenous Youth Justice campaign.
  2. Projects must be an Indigenous-led and designed initiative.
  3. Projects must be achievable within the funding available (maximum $8,000).
  4. Smaller projects, even very small, are very welcome
  5. Projects must be completed within one year of the project’s start date.
  6. Amnesty International Australia cannot pay wages. If wages form part of your project budget, you will need to be an employer or the person(s) to be paid will need to have an ABN.
  7. Successful applicants will be required to submit a short project report/evaluation within two months of the completion of the project.

How do I apply?

There are four quarterly grant rounds each year. Please complete the proposal form and email it to Kaye Blackman at by any of the following dates:

  • 28 February
  • 31 May
  • 31 August
  • 30 November

How are applications assessed?

Submitted proposals will be assessed by the Human Rights Innovation Fund Committee (comprising staff and active Amnesty International supporters) and applicants will be contacted within eight weeks of the funding round closing.

If you would like to discuss your ideas, please contact Kaye Blackman at or by phone on 02 8396 7635. Kaye works Tuesdays and Fridays, but you can leave a message.