Banjo Morton Petyarr © Rusty StewartBanjo Morton Petyarr © Rusty Stewart

Indigenous Peoples' Rights

Amnesty International is committed to ensuring the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ is implemented locally and nationally through legislation, policies and programs.

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Child hands holding onto bars© Paulo Cruz

Good news: teenagers moved from adult prison

After a gradual and drawn out process, all the juveniles have finally been moved out of WA's Hakea Prison for adults.

Utopia, NT © AI/April Pyle

A huge win for homelands

We've got a long-term commitment from Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments to support homelands.

© April Pyle/AI

There’s no place like homelands

Welcome to homelands: a place where the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians began to close a long time ago.

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