5 Kids Books To Read Over the Summer 2023

What we read to our kids and loved this year, from the staff at Amnesty International Australia.

Egg by Claire Atkins and Harrison Vial

‘Egg’ weaves together themes of climate justice and refugee rights in a heart-warming little package, that raises discussion of displacement, xenophobia, care and belonging.

We are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom and Michela Goade

A powerful children’s book about First Nations’ activism and protection of the natural world from exploitation. Inspired by the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and similar movements led by Indigenous activists across America.

Day Break by Amy McQuire and Matt Chan

‘Day Break’ tells the story of a First Nations family as they travel back to Country for January 26. A must-read for kids when learning about the impact of Invasion Day.

The Curiousities by Zana Fraillon and Phil Lesnie

‘The Curiosities’ is a mythic parable on difference and disability, with a gorgeous art style and visuals inspired by Philippines’ spirits.

Welcome to Our Country by Adam Goodes, Ellie Liang and David Hardy

A multiple award-winning series that introduces First Nations history to younger children, their parents and educators.

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