A group of volunteers wearing Amnesty yellow volunteer Tshirts & on in a black Indigenous Rights Tshirt are posed for the photo

Thinking of joining your Branch Committee in 2018? Then join us to learn more.

As a Leader Bulletin subscriber, we know you’re a committed Amnesty supporter! Which is why we’d love you to participate in your Branch Annual General meeting (BAGM) in May, and also why you should consider nominating for your Branch Committee in 2018!

Want to try something new or are you interested in becoming a regional leader? There’s two things you can do to be more involved in our governance – come along to your Branch Annual General Meeting (BAGM), and consider nominating to become part of your local Branch Committee.

What’s a BAGM?

Branch Annual General Meetings (BAGMs) are held annually in each region. This year they will take place on Saturday 19 May.

At BAGMs our members, activists, volunteers, staff and partner organisations get together to share ideas and contribute to our key campaigns and programs, and to learn of organisational updates. BAGMs are also where our members vote on resolutions to go to the National AGM. Anyone can attend BAGM, but only Amnesty financial members can vote.

To find out more about your regional BAGM contact your Activist Support Coordinator or Branch Committee.

What do Branch Committees do?

Amnesty International Branch Committees (BCs) are teams of elected members in each region who help to coordinate and develop local human rights activism. BCs provide support and motivation to activists, volunteers and members in each region, and undertake governance responsibilities for their region. Check out our Branch Committee resources to learn more.

How can you take part in all of this?

Come and be part of your BAGM! Anyone can attend although you need to be a financial member of Amnesty to vote on resolutions.

We’re also holding info sessions to get you prepared for BAGM resolution drafting and Branch Committee nominations:

Learn more about our So you want to join your BC? workshop and RSVP to join a session:

How to draft a BAGM resolution

  • Wednesday 2 May – time and details to follow in the next edition of the Leader Bulletin


  1. Attend the workshops to learn more about Branch Committees and BAGM
  2. Check out our Skill up webpages to learn more about Branch Committees
  3. Attend your local BAGM

Keep your eye on the Leader for further information or talk to your Branch Committee or Organiser for more info.